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Web Results - Brahma, Brahmana and Brahmaloka

Brahma, Brahma-loka, and BrahmaandaTo the Devas, who in order to create a confusion in the minds of their followers as to the supposed different identities of the Devas ...

Indian - Theatre - Culture and Heritage - Know India: National ...

... mythological age, when the need to free humanity from the clutches of corruption and power led to the creation of a source of entertainment by the universal creator Brahma. Brahma ...

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Numerous gods and goddesses are mentioned in these sastras, but they are mere allegorical representations of powers and attributes to Brahma. Brahma is the personification of ...

Legend and myth behind Navratri

After their defeat and humiliation at the hands of Mahishasur, the Gods took refuge under Lord Brahma. Brahma took them to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Research - Vol. III No. 1 April - June 1995

It is also seen as the Brahmalok of Brahma. Brahma here is to be understood in terms of the original deity and the ruler of Bharmaur, who is none other than Bharmani Mata ...

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Brahma. 3 year old Nikhil (re-named Brahma) was adopted from SOFOSH by the Mehtas from Toronto, Canada. Brahma is an addition to the family that already had Shiva their Biological ...

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Shree Raja Janak

He had been a great knower of Atma ( Soul ) - Atma-Jnani, and knower of the Absolute Being ( Brahma ) - Brahma-Jnani. Many great Yogis and performers ...

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The daily alternation of light and dark is attributed to the activity of Brahma.Brahma's mind born sons are the seers Marici, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratuj, Pracetas ...

Introduction of Veda

The First Lord, Son of Brahma: Brahma: The Almighty God: Brahmaa: The creater of universe: Vishnu: The care taker: Shiva: The destroyer of universe: Purohit: The Pandit who does Yagya